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Enough is enough is enough!

When will the Herald-Mail stop allowing Jerry DeWolf to use the front page of its newspaper to promote his causes?

The newspaper localized a national story (“Group of locals expected to join pro-Trump rallies in D.C.”) by talking to two people, DeWolf, the chairman of the Washington County Republican Central Committee, and the committee’s secretary.

The pro-Trump, anti-government rally Wednesday in Washington led to the riotous insurrection and breach of our Capitol while the House and Senate were in session completing the final certification of the November election.

Members of the GOP committee are elected officials of their party who take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States. Yet, DeWolf is quoted, in the front page story on Wednesday, as saying, “We don’t believe Joe Biden won.” What?

At least 60 Trump campaign lawsuits, erroneously claiming that egregious improprieties occurred during the general election, had been thrown out of every court all the way up to the Supreme Court. And all 50 states certified their results, making Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the next President-elect and Vice President-elect, respectively. And Biden got 7 million more votes and 306 Electoral College votes.

Republican Central Committee Secretary Randy Leatherman suggested in the same article that there was a “coup” to oust Trump from office. No Randy, a fair and free election is not a coup. What happened today at the Capitol is a coup.

Trump had encouraged his supporters to attend the rally on Wednesday, the same day the Congress was to certify the Electoral College votes from each state. At the rally, he again insisted that he, and not Biden, had won the election. Trump also incited the crowd to march to the Capitol after the staged program, which they did. The riotous incursion of the Capitol ensued.

Trump and all of his enablers, including some members of the House and Senate, are responsible for encouraging lawless, mob behavior.

The Herald-Mail should print news, not DeWolf’s dangerously seditious, anti-American tripe.

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